Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lutheran World Relief hygiene kit assembly, April 23, 2014

 The following photos show the ones who put together this spring's LWR hygiene kits.  We are glad for the many people who donated items and those who assembled them.
Candy giving instructions on how the kits are to be put together.

Getting items ready to go into the kits

A small hill of soap!

We had four generations of people helping.

We put together 100 kits.

Yarn was used to tie the kits together.

A towel served to hold all the other supplies which included two bars of soap, a pair of nail clippers,
a comb, and a tooth brush.

Our youngest worker who was very helpful.

Everyone pitched in and we put the kits together in about an hour's time.
It was a great event and we hope many will be glad to receive the kits.

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