Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diamond Lake youth trip Feb. 2012

- The following photos and video are from United's youth snow trip to Diamond Lake, Feb. 18-20, 2012.

Our first stop was at Toketee Falls about 20 miles from Diamond Lake.

Toketee Falls

The following photos are from our Saturday snow ball adventure.

The following are photos from Sunday morning.  This was part of a team building activity in which the youth had to get across the lake of hot chocolate (the floor) using marshmallows (paper plates).  They did a great job and had fun as well.


The next photos shows scenes from the cross country trail on Sunday.

Mt. Bailey

Mt. Thielsen

The following link is to a video showing the great Oreo race.

Everyone had a great time at Diamond Lake.  Many thanks to the ULC trust fund committee for using funds to help make this trip possible.