Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter basket project at United Lutheran

Since 1993, people at United Lutheran Church have been collecting gifts and giving them to homeless children in our area.  This was begun when three mothers in our congregation saw a need and responded.  We are currently working with First Place Family Development Center to identify youth and children who could use a little brightening in their circumstances during this special time.

This is what the room looked like at the beginning of this year's project.

The work in progress.

The following link is to a video on You Tube which shows some of the action of the day.

Some of the completed gift bags.

Some more of the completed gift bags.

In all, we assembled 39 bags and took them to First Place on Good Friday so that the youth and children would have them on Easter.

It is a little way we can share the hope and joy of this time of new life.