Saturday, May 21, 2011

Link for video of Pastor Mark Perry

Pastor Mark Perry was the first intern at United/Good Samaritan.  His now an intern supervisor in Arizona.  We met at the team building workshop hosted by Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary at San Damiano Retreat Center, Danville, CA, May 18-19, 2011.
The following link brings his greetings.

Link for video of Pastors Matthew and Nadia Bolz-Weber

Matthew was intern at United/Good Samaritan 1996-1997.  Since then Nadia has also been ordained.  They are now intern supervisors and we were at the team building workshop at San Damiano Retreat Center May 18-19, 2011.  The following link has their greetings to the congregation.

Link for video of Laura Stephenson, 2011-2012 intern at United/Good Samaritan

This video was made at the team building workshop which Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary hosts.  It was held at the Franciscan retreat center of San Damiano in Danville, CA.