Friday, December 20, 2013

Sunday school Christmas play practice, Ed Muth's 100th birthday celebration, and the Advent/Christmas craft faire 12/15/14

Here are photos of the play practice.
We celebrated Ed Muth's 100th birthday during worship and the craft faire.
The craft faire was a lot of fun!


Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rally Day Carnival at United- Sept. 8, 2013

The following photos come from the carnival we had at United to kick off the Sunday School year.
It was a lot of fun!
Crystal Miller, United's youth worker, was the creative genius behind this.  Thankfully, she had some help from a few others.

I hope that you enjoyed the photos. Thanks to all who participated!

Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 United youth mission trip (May 24-27)

This year we did a shorter mission trip and went to Portland, OR.  We had seven youth and three adults.  The trip went very well and everyone pitched in in a great way!

Our group as we are ready to leave from United.

This is the room where most of us slept at the church in Portland.

Bethel Lutheran Church in Portland is the congregation which hosted us.

The first agency we worked at was NE Emergency Food which is a ministry of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.

The food and clothing bank is located at Luther Memorial.  Some vandals had sprayed graffiti on the sign and front doors the night before.  Several of our group cleaned it off.

The is one of the aisles of the food bank before we stocked many items.

Here are Peter and Daniel stocking bread.

Michael and one of the regular volunteers are stocking vegetables.

David and Michael are stocking pasta.

Alan is the lead volunteer.  Here David, Zane, and Daniel are cleaning the walkway.

Daniel and David are cleaning the front doors of the church from the graffiti.

We are getting orientation in being shoppers for the clients at the food bank.  We would go with the clients to help them get the items for which they were eligible.  The amounts of the various items was based on family size.

NE Emergency Food Bank also has a clothing bank.  The lead volunteer said that boys and men did not sort clothes well. So, this part of the task was left to Alex, Genevieve, and Crystal.
Here Peter and Daniel are serving as "shoppers".  We helped serve 84 families.
Zane is enjoying time in the cooler.
Alex and Genevieve did a great job with the clothes.  They also helped distribute the many pairs of socks which people at United gave.
On Saturday evening, we spend a bit of time at the Oregon Zoo.  Here, Genevieve and Peter crawled into an exhibit for a close up look.
Alex enjoying a ride on a safe cat.
Crystal Miller's parents, Ron and Jeanne, hosted us for a delicious dinner.  Here the gang is enjoying a lawn game.
On Sunday, after worshiping at Bethel Lutheran, we had a guided tour at Portland's Dignity Village, an authorized community for up to 60 homeless people.

The guard shack at Dignity Village

The shower house which is the only structure with hot running water.  Behind the cement blocks there are sinks and faucets.  In the background, you can see piles of composting leaves.  This is where Portland puts its leaves from street cleanup.  Our guide said that a number of people have respiratory problems as a result. 

A house at Dignity Village

Another house

It was raining for "Picnic in the Park" and so everything needed to be moved into the parking structure under the park.  It appeared to be organized chaos but everything was ready only 15 minutes late.  We ended up helping serve 860 people. We served here on Sunday afternoon.  This program has been going on every Sunday since 1991.

At the end of the shift

On Sunday evening, we went to the Circuit bouldering gym and climbed for a bit.  Here Genevieve gets to the top.

David also had a great time climbing but I did not get a photo which turned out of him on the wall.

My son, Patrick, joined us for a bit.

Daniel, Crystal's husband


Yes, even I climbed the wall.

It was an excellent mission trip.  Thanks to the youth and adults who went and to all who supported us for it.