Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Describing United

Everyone is asked to add their ideas on what makes United the special congregation it is.  I am encouraging people to come up with 10 items.  The following are what I have come up with.  There are plenty others and I am sure better said.  So, please, add your ideas to the list.  The website design team will go through these for ideas on building a new website for the congregation.  Thanks.

1.       Our congregational life is centered in God’s compassion as we experience it through Jesus Christ.
2.      We are a welcoming group of people.  We are an RIC congregation in which we welcome people of various sexual orientations.
3.      We strive to make people included and to listen to one another’s insights.
4.      We are engaged in our community both as individuals and as a congregation.
5.      Our worship style blends a variety of musical types while using a type of service which features Holy Communion and Scripture.
6.      We have various opportunities for musicians.  Our creative music director leads the ensembles.
7.      We believe that following the “Golden Rule” is a good guide for living.
8.      We have a good mix of ages.
9.      Our youth program is active for children and teens.
10.  We have a number of educational offerings in small group and large group settings.
11.  Our congregation’s size allows everyone to know everyone else as well as being large enough to offer various programs.
12.  We have an evening midweek meal from which a number of groups leave for their activities.